About us

At the start of the project, Buzin's sheep replaced machinery to look after the farm's orchards. They play an important role in the biodiversity of the area. The orchards produce fruit and wool, and Bruno's eclectic nature gave him the idea of adding value to the wool by transforming it into interior objects and clothing.

Driven by his passion for development and innovation, he embarked on a new project: to promote local know-how and a local economy, he teamed up with a knitwear specialist living near the farm. Together, they are making comfortable, long-lasting knitwear, and that's how Mouton was born.

Our sheep

Mouton works exclusively with Shropshire sheep's wool. With its softness, versatility, and natural beauty, Shropshire sheep wool has carved a unique place in the world of textile and fiber arts. All our product are made with spool of this incredible wool and we even use the waste to fill our cushions to design the most sustainable products.

The blending of wool with other fibers, like polyamide, is a trend that has gained traction in the textile industry. At Mouton we assure you that our wool is not mixed. Using 100% natural wool is beneficial because it is a sustainable and renewable material that offers excellent insulation, comfort, and durability while being biodegradable and environmentally friendly.